Visit Cadair Idris


Cadair Idris is one of the most popular mountains in South Snowdonia, known as Snowdon’s twin. The views along the trails up Cadair Idris are breath taking regardless of the weather conditions, in fact some walkers believe the area is most beautiful just after rainfall which highlights the luscious green surroundings.

Standing at 893m (2,930 ft), you are as high as the crows at Cadair Idris’ summit. And the hard work is paid off when you gaze over at the stunning views across the rest of Snowdonia, and as far out as Shropshire. On the clearest days, you can even see as far as both Barmouth and Borth.


The Minffordd Path

There are three main routes up Cadair Idris. The Minffordd Path is the most popular walking trail taking roughly 5 hours to walk up and down. Shaped like a horseshoe, it’s a varied trail through wooded gorges and ridges, and waterfalls which you can dip your feet in to cool off. You’ll stumble across a stunning lake halfway up where you are able to swim, making for a reviving relief especially in the summer months.


The Pony Path

Another trail, The Pony Path, or Llwybr Pilin Pwn in Welsh, is the quickest route up Cadair Idris but it is nowhere near as glamorous as The Minffordd Path. If racing to the top is your goal then this 3 hour path is ideal but you will miss out on the Corrie Lake and charming waterfalls.

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The easiest, but also longest route is Llanfihangel-y-pennant. Taking roughly 7-8 hours, this is a slow and steady ascent that begins in a charming valley where the Castle of Castell y Bere is. You will also pass the home of Mary Jones, a Welsh girl who walked 26 miles barefoot to buy a copy of the Welsh Bible.


Don’t want to walk?

If challenging hikes don’t sound like your ideal day out in Wales, you can still visit Cadair Idris and bask in the area’s enveloping tranquillity. The Cadair Idris Visitor Centre and Tea Room is a short walk from the car park where you can enjoy a tea and cake whilst taking in the breath-taking views.

There are lot of legends about Cadair Idris. Cadair Idris means Idris’s Chair, and some believe that Idris was a giant who lived on the mountain and threw stones at other giants, explaining the large boulders surrounding the area. Geologists’ explanations involve millions of years’ worth of geological history, including the ice age and volcanic rock. Whichever side of the history you believe, everyone can agree that Cadair Idris is an enchanting place to be.