Visit Powis Castle


One of the top places to visit in Wales is Natural Trust site, Powis Castle and Gardens, a dramatic medieval castle dating from the 13th century. A Grade I listed building surrounded by formal, distinctive gardens, the castle sits proudly on what has been described as a lush green cushion – the flawlessly, and uniquely, landscaped grounds are postcard perfect.


Seasonal Charm

One of the beautiful things about Powis Castle is its ability to stun visitors all year round. The castle warms the area in the Autumn, with its vibrant display of reds and oranges illuminating the terracotta-coloured brickwork of the Castle. Winter brings a wonderland frost to the castle grounds that dazzles on the crisp green garden, and spring and summer fill the grounds with blossom and vibrant colour. There are over 600 castles in Wales but Powis Castle should be at the top of your list to visit for its unique and impressive charm.

The Gardens

Originally a fortress, the castle is a treasure trove of structural history, encompassing alterations varying over a 700-year period. The gardens have also undergone many revisions over the years and in the 20th century, the garden was revitalised by the Earl of Powis and his wife, Lady Violet. This infamous garden is home to some extremely rare and beautiful plants from all over the world.

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The Interior

Inside the castle is just as impressive as its exterior. The castle is home to a collection of some of the world’s greatest artefacts, paintings, sculptures and furniture. The Clive Museum, named after Robert Clive, an important figure in Britain’s East India Company, is full of beautiful textiles and ornaments dating back from the 18th century. A long gallery, created by Sir Edward Herbert, is adorned with the coats of arms of his ancestors. The gallery is an encapsulating transportation through history.